Kofi Boamah
skull after Dubuffet'anarchy, riots, wine'naked black female saxophonist at Nazi party (Naima)a study of Caravaggio's Salome with Head of John the Baptist (1609-10) over Biggie Smalls'after Caravaggio's Judith & Holofernes'Marxist Tropes'am i in the zoo or in the Louvre'smoking Kif, paintedBoamah a la CezanneFroth on the Daydreamthe gestapo (after Westside Gunn)
Daphnis At War with Pholus (the world's a stage)'the female butcher, human bodies' the human savagery of a naked refugee on a boatCubist Mexican Nun with Breast'inner turmoiled Priest'Queen Mariana of Spain Screamingone for PicassoDalí's lesbian food sex (after Ensor)'a man as he missed the station''the insane therapist'after åsa's dream (drowning in air)elements of climate changeBrussels Brothel'Black Rain & Baboon (Night, Forest)''Rodney King keeps happening (Donuts)' after Otto Dix (Odd Couple)Figures in Tangierthe MoroccanSuicide contemplation & crowd with clown (after Levé)Nietzschian WonderAn angry Madonna at Jesus wetting the bed (after Condo)A Deathly Serenade 1A Deathly Serenade 1 (Detail)Domi (after Auerbach in the rain)Memories of Picasso (Orgy)Priest at Psychiatric WardUntitled (Murderer in blue suit on a blue bench at night)'faces from Paris & Toulouse' the angry professorLonesome eccentric aka Alfred Jarry's green faceStudy for Condo's Memories of Rembrandt, 1994 - with the three states at 7 years oldthe raw meat eatersBeauty Will Be Convulsive or not at all - SketchHowl IISketch 1 of Crucifixion female ChristDisembodied Youth (After Miró)Untitled (She Was a Little Upset)Another one for Gorkyportrait on blue periodPlaying An Invisible Piano NakedFemale Nudes IIThe Sex Addicted Virgin Misklav aka YashuStudy For Theatre Of The MindOde to RembrandtIn Lieu of Goya - A Nouveau Roman After Goya & Bernhard's Glenn Gould Came Her On Wood Grain...(Music Be the song of life, so sing on?)The Beauty of Woman Existential Dickhead
Writing : Alice Daniels & Kofi Boamah