Kofi Boamah
naked black female saxophonist at Nazi party (Naima)'the insane therapist'A Deathly Serenade 1A Deathly Serenade 1 (Detail)Memories of Picasso (Orgy)Priest at Psychiatric WardUntitled (Murderer in blue suit on a blue bench at night)Lonesome eccentric aka Alfred Jarry's green faceStudy for Condo's Memories of Rembrandt, 1994 - with the three states at 7 years oldBeauty Will Be Convulsive or not at all - SketchHowl IIFemale Nudes IIThe Sex Addicted Virgin Misklav aka YashuStudy For Theatre Of The MindIn Lieu of Goya - A Nouveau Roman Existential Dickhead
Writing : Alice Daniels & Kofi Boamah