Kofi Boamah
group exhibition at Espacio Gallery, Roots & Rifts —2019, 22nd January — 03 February — Opening 6 pm — 9 pm
exhibition entitled: VII.The Chariot held at Hundred Years Gallery (6th December — 27th January) 2019 — opening starts at 6.30pm — 9.30pm
film entitled 'Purple.' free to watch on Vimeo, and in the film section
"Context Free" group show at espacio gallery 24 — 29th April
@ Grow Hackney selling Books 21st April
pre production for short film entitled 'Blue.'
working on film entitled: 'Purple.'
Exhibition @ Unit 5 Gallery 24th May - 25th

Show entitled: "Lucid Documentary"

Documenting our lives are events in themselves. And events in which we can participate in or not. Our dreams can be the most spectacular events in lives that can often be mundane. To take away and live amongst our dreams for a moment is the realm that this show considers: can we control our lives and therefore our dreams? what constitutes visions? are dark thoughts ok? the theme of this show is all about the beauty of Lucid Documentary: the random thoughts, the random visions, the epiphanies had on the fly.
updated Artwork section of Painting & Illustrations
first published book to be published. entitled tentatively at the moment. more information to come.
upcoming exhibition coming up
subito carceris = (an improvised prison). dialogues' extended - until 28th september - hundredyearsgallery.com