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Mouths open wide. Teeth. Faces galvanised in hideous expression. Teeth. Oh, the teeth. Heavy head falls back, gaping mouth, blue sky. A man trying to eat the rain. She holds the cock and balls high, as he looks on, red faced, grinning insinuating grin. Blue man in blue sky, clouds drift by. A ladder up to a box in the heavens. Crucified woman, heavy tits hanging. Two men boxing a gap in the teeth, crowd going wild. Looks in the mirror, denying Freud’s memory in the dark. Through the window, a city waits. Tits, sunglasses, phantom serpent. A bare bulb hangs in the dark. Baying mob. Angry teeth. The dead body on a hook.
She stands on a naked man, her huge tits, proud. Mouth wide, teeth showing. Screaming faces. A hand on the skull, tin of tomato soup. Laughing man with a severed hand. Clouds drift by. Bare arse man holding an arm cut off at the shoulder. Screaming skulls grow from a flowerpot. Devils on the wall and a grandfather clock. Death. Bandits sit around a table, drinking gin. One with a mask, heavy tits, one in a hat, one with red hair. Strange blue shapes, the distracted philosopher in a secret clinch. Naked man walking a sky-high tightrope at night. Someone watches from a window.
Mouth agape. Teeth bared. Amongst the flowers. Naked in the heavy atmosphere. Hemingway fishes the sea, catches a mermaid by the tits. Caravaggio’s Salome, with Head of John the Baptist. Erect cocks, saggy tits. Voodoo. A skull held high. Ventriloquist dummy speaks. Haunted face in darkness. Ghosts at night. Policeman eating doughnuts as his partner makes an arrest. A priest holds up the cross to the law, mob riots as watchers look on. A murderer sat on a bench in the dark night. The girls sat round a table, talking. Through the window, birds flew by. The priest screams. Queen Marina screams. Van Gogh looks at Boamah, both chopped. A man lifts his head from his neck, as he daydreams. Female Christ on the cross, like Mother Earth. Old couple in Amsterdam, groped tits. God smokes in the clouds. The suspect makes his escape.